Thanks for the compliment

I took a demo on beer brewing the other day at a local home brewing supply store. I had been invited, as I am sure the other guests were invited, via an email invitation to attend. The demo was outdoors and a bit casual with a lot of people coming and going in the area. As it happened, the demo had already started before I had a chance to pay the $20 fee.

Since there was a long line at the cash register and I didn’t want to miss any instruction, I decided to listen in on the beer brewing demo and pay up when the line went down.

About an hour into the instruction, when the line was gone at the register and there was a break in the action, I approached the young woman working at the cash register and told her I needed to pay.

She smiled at me and said “Oh great, I like honest people”.

I took this to be meant as a compliment and I also inferred by the comment that it might not have been noticed if I had not paid.

I paid and then rejoined the demo. It seemed to be an interestingly odd comment from the young woman. Why did she feel the need to say that to me? Doesn’t everyone like honest people? Has anyone ever said or thought “I like dishonest people”.

After reflecting on the situation for a few days, I guess working at a cash register, a person would come into contact with dishonesty occasionally.

You see looking through my minds eye, I fumble through life assuming everyone thinks like me, acts like me, and is like me, when it comes to paying for goods or services. I am too mentally lazy and just not interested in trying to scheme about ways to get something for nothing. It is true that I was a bit of a petty thief when I was a juvenile, but I grew out of that with the help of a few applications of belt strap from my father.

So now thanks to what was meant as a compliment from the young woman at the cash register, my view of life and the people I come in contact with has changed a bit. I had better start keep an eye on my belongings when guests are at my home.


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