Police mistake customers for ne’er-do-wells

Wifey sent me to get the car smog checked ( another way the Department of Motor Vehicles nickels and dimes you into submission) today and I almost walked into a trap.

The smog check station we frequent is a hot spot of police activity. Potential customers frequently get mistaken for ne’er-do-wells and end up in the pokey due to simple confusion over business hours, too many criminal laws, and generally no fault of their own.


What is the difference between a trespasser and a prowler anyway?


Good eats in the PI

I recently visited the Philippine Islands. Those folks know how to eat and they waste nothing. Not like those Americans.

Deep fried hogs head. I became an eye, ear, and throat specialist.

Grilled everything including chicken ass on a stick and goat skin chopped finely to perfection.

Tamilok. You google it. Pretty tasty.

And chicken intestines sometimes referred to as IUD due to its shape looking like a birth control device.

Grilled or stewed everything.

Good people there and good eating. Check it out if you can.