Losing Weight or When a Hole Can Weigh You Down.

Imagine if you lost the use of a foot or an eye. Can you imagine that happening and you still going on enjoying and life? There would still be love and beauty and numerous other blessings to enjoy about life.

You must realize and understand that shoving food into your gullet is more of an addiction than a life necessity and you are killing yourself , much like a smoker with their cigarette addiction.

Understand that as you get older, your body does not need the amount of calories that you did as a growing youth and in fact consuming the same calories as you did when a youth is harmful.

Set your mind to the idea that you have lost the use of this hole (the hole in your head that you have been shoving unseemly amounts of caloric intake into) as you knew it. Count your blessings and enjoy life without this endless pit. You will see there Is more to life.

Let that hole go. Let it go and focus on and enjoy other things in life that can and will bring you and those around you longer lasting and more meaningful enjoyment.


Inventor displays new “Green” solar clothing dryer

Inventor Chad Perth spent the last ten years of his life in almost complete seclusion and used his entire savings designing and perfecting his new patent pending invention. Mr. Perth says his silent clothes dryer is designed to save energy, create American jobs, and “Stop that damn humming noise from the laundry room while I am watching TV.”

Mr Perth sees thousands of jobs being created as American industry gears up to ship his clothes drying invention globally.

“My first design had the clothes parallel to the earth but the clothes kept getting soiled and took too long to dry.” The proud inventor said. “Then it came to me. Hang the clothes perpendicular to the Earth. They stay clean, air blows around them to help them dry, and the animals can’t reach them”.

As you read this, Mr. Perth is on his way to Walmart to demonstrate his invention in anticipation of a contract to stock Walmart stores with his solar clothes dryer.


Inventor proudly shows off his invention.