Former junk deliverer sues Microsoft and Post Office for ruining his reputation

April 17, 2017

Sue Kim was a beloved business owner for many years in Vietnam where he happily worked as his forefathers did before him in the honorable profession of junk deliverer, or as what is commonly called in his native country, a ‘Junk Male’.

When the economy turned and Mr. Kim could not find employment in Vietnam, Sue Kim’s sister-in -law in the United States sponsored him to move to the U.S. to look for work here.

To his chagrin, Mr. Kim could not find employment due to the prejudice Americans have against junk mail, which is commonly believed to have been co-invented by the US Postal Service and Microsoft.

Once an employer would see Mr. Kim’s previous job experience, they would not consider inviting him to work at their establishment. Mr. Kim reports of being verbally abused by potential employers who dislike junk mail. He reports that he was literally tossed out the door during a few interviews.

When asked to comment, representatives from both Microsoft and the US Postal Service said they believe a court of law would not hold them responsible for American’s lack of knowledge of the honorable Vietnamese profession of Junk Male, or for the inability of many in the Human Resources profession to know the difference between the words Male and Mail.

Sue Kim in happier times.


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