Words With Friends and Nicey14

My son showed me a game on the IPAD and I was quickly entranced by it.

You see I am a person who has two things I like. Reading and learning is one. The second is not socializing. I am comfortable with myself and uncomfortable spending too much time with others, although I do sometimes enjoy short conversations.

Enter Words With Friends.

Words With Friends is basically a scrabble game that you can play on a computer with others connected to the internets around the world. If you are unable to keep playing, because you need to sleep for example, you just stop playing and begin to play again when you want. Sounds rude for those of you that have played scrabble with a person in front of you, but this is accepted protocol for an on line game.

Words with friends is the perfect game. It helps me expand my vocabulary and it is mentally challenging. The only problem is that I soon wanted to play constantly and I have no friends to play with due to the things about me previously described. That is I have no friends to play with but for the exception of my Son. Problem with my Son is the darned kid thinks his High School classes and socializing with friends at school are more important than playing a word game with me. He was keeping me waiting for hours for him to make the next move. To add insult to injury he always wins.

When I complained about the long wait between his plays, my Son showed me a game option where with the tap of a finger, Words With Friends will reach out into the ether and find a random player who is also looking for a random challenger. My Son activated this option and like magic there was Nicey14, my new best friend waiting for me to make the next move.

Nicey14 and I played game after game. This was the perfect friend. He or she was just a little bit better than me and what fun we had. We played game after game and I was never happier. We had short and infrequent conversations the way I like them. The only thing Nicey14 ever said via Words With Friends was “Sorry, ‘—– ‘is not an acceptable word”.

I was having the best time in the world with my new friend. I would hear a chime from my IPAD and there would ne Nicey14 waiting patiently for me to take my turn. Nicey14 verses Cperth. It felt like we had been best friends forever.

One morning I awoke eager to spend time with Nicey14 and the game we were playing was gone from my IPAD. I looked at the gadget over and over hoping it was a mistake. What could have happened I wondered? Where was Nicey14 and why had he or she left me? Was it a computer glitch? Had I smothered them with me always wanting to play? Had I offended them with the off color words I sometimes play with? Had Nicey14 found a new interest, a new friend?

I told my wife about Nicey14 and she smiled a crooked smile and laughed, saying it sounds like I had lost a lover. I dropped the subject. She would never be able to understand, let alone empathize.

After a few days of waiting for Nicey14 to come back I went ahead and began playing with other random Friends but I sure missed my first best friend, Nicey14.

One day a few weeks after my heartache Nicey14 was back. “Look Honey, Nicey14 is back!” I exclaimed to my wife. She smiled at me as if to say “whatever”.

I began to play a new game with Nicey14 but for some reason things just didn’t feel the same. It was if there were words that needed to be said but we both pretended not to notice. I believe Nicey14 felt the same way because the next morning when I awoke, Nicey14 was gone again. This time I was sure they would not be back.

I still play Words With Friends and I have some new random challengers with whom I spend time with daily. It is fun but I will always miss Nicey14. I try to remember the good times and not the way we separated. I remember Nicey14’s last words to me as if were reading them now. It was a funny comment Nicey14 had made and I had not noticed the true meaning at the time. I had just tried to add “befre” to “ended” for a nice high score and Nicey14 kindly chided me saying “Sorry, befreended is not an acceptable word”.