You would also be a curmudgeon if..

You went to the Doctor’s office yesterday like I did and had to sit in this dismal setting watching Judge Joe Brown next to a nasty woman grinding her finger nails with a file.


After after waiting an hour past your scheduled appointment time you get escorted to this examination room..


And are asked to sit here..


Next to these…




And when the Doctor comes in after waiting thirty more minutes you report to him..

Right Knee swelling after walking.

Right foot swelling and sometimes numbness in toes on left foot.

Strain in right and left shin

Muscle behind right knee is strained and tight. Left leg sore

Lose balance falling to right occasionally

Need to use hand rails walking up and down stairs

Occasional sharp pain in right hip

Posture stooped to compensate for right knee pain

Ibuprofen reduces swelling but not bone rubbing feeling

Occasional sharp pain under kneecap , usually when walking

Kneecap feels as if it shifts once in a while

Mind is continually on knee when standing or walking

Depressed as it seems I aged 15 years in three months

Limp increases greatly if I I carry a package-weight

Changed walking gait. Right foot hits ground right read side of heal first. Left foot hits ground left back corner of heal first

Wouldn’t you be a curmudgeon if?


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