I am not a business man but…

At a local Sear’s store in the housewares department I visited tonight, a phone rings at a Customer Service island. A female employee answers the phone but nobody is on the other end of the line. “Who is checking to make sure I am at my station!?” she exclaims indignantly. It looks to me as if she is being over-managed.

A technology company I am affiliated with changes the phone service providers recently to the main interface for incoming phone calling customers requesting customer service . A mistake has been made and all calls from external customers needing support are now being routed to the company’s internal technical support. This internal support technician has little technical knowledge of the type needed by the customers which results in several dissatisfied customers who are mad because they are not receiving the quick, timely, and accurate support they expect.
The affected technician reports the mistake to the Information Technologies Director at the company, the issue is ignored, and the company continues to turn customers into negative publicity generators.

The local Goodwill retailer resells donated items and uses the profits to hire on the job retail clerk trainees. Their return policy is No Refunds, Exchanges Only. Unfortunately the person who designed the policy didn’t realize that donated items are by nature one of a kind. The store may not have a second different but equal electric blanket to exchange for a faulty one. Due to this policy, I no longer donate or shop at this facility.

Our local cable television service provider, Comcast, proudly boasts at least once an hour on television commercials that if they fail to correct a technical problem on their first try, they will provide a second curtesy call to your home to correct the problem. This is because they are proud of their ability to provide excellent customer service.
Curtesy Call? Are You Kidding Me? I am paying a lot of money for continuous broadcast service and you need to get out here, fix your technical problems, and ask for forgiveness in additional to not charging me for the service I lost while you tried to figure out your poorly planed and implemented technology.

I am not a business man. I am Just a simple customer who likes to see common sense used and I try to buy American when I can. I am just feeling like there is a disconnect between the corporations and the customers.


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