Manners lessons and driving tips

What would your mother think of your manners?

When someone holds a door open for you, the polite thing is to respond by saying thank you. Don’t you know the person is not holding the door for you because they are your servant? The door holder is civilized and is doing you a kindness and this deserves to be acknowledged.

In the same light, if someone on the freeway helpfully slows down to let you merge into their lane, don’t squeeze your vehicle in front of them without waving your hand towards a window as a sign of thanks for the kindness.

Are you and your cohorts so arrogant that you actually think you deserve to be served or is it that you don’t think at all? I wonder what your mothers would say about your boorish behavior.

And about your turn signals. Use them. Use them every time before your vehicle is going to change lanes of change directions. That should be enough said on the turn signal subject but for you I will explain in greater detail.

The turn signals on your car are not to help you turn. They are on your car to signal to those around you of your intentions to change lanes or driving direction. They are to help others around you navigate safely and expediently. Just like the turn signals on my car are to help you and others navigate safely and expediently around me. The designers of the automobile understood that driving is a communal activity and we must share information between us and work together. I am sure even you will admit that you can not know what is going around you 360 degrees around you. Is it possible someone unnoticed by you might be watching you waiting to see what you will do next in order to avoid a collision?

What I am trying to say is stop making those around you guess which way you are going to turn or if you will be continuing straight ahead on your merry way oblivious to those on this earth waiting patiently for you to make up your mind.

Also, nobody likes aggressive tailgating but this IS California and the lesson you learned in Drivers Ed class about one car length of space for every ten mph you are driving does not apply Ok? You are slowing down all drivers for hundreds of miles behind you so knock that crap off and speed it up. If I see you again slowing me down and that incessant tap tap tapping of your damn break lights I am going to bust a gasket and have a stroke!

Thank you.


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