A dull mind

It is believed by the young that age brings with it a dulling of the senses. Old people forget things and become senile don’t they?

Well maybe.

Imagine you have a handful of broken fragments of glass fragments in your hand. You feel the weight of the mass in your hand. When you squeeze them you feel jagged edges threatening to break the skin of your palm. This is the feeling of glass in your hands. Hand the pieces to another and they will describe a similar sensation that you describe as having shards of glass in your hand.

Age brings with it a different way sensing and understanding the glass. The aged see the light shine through the shards in a million angles and paths. The brilliance of the sight is unexplainable. There are no known words of mankind to express the gloryous sense of the wondrous feeling of being close to God and his wonders.

The look of dullness and seemingly not being in touch with reality is the look of almost hearing the sound of God and not knowing how to express what has been heard with human sounds. This is the look of being in a more important conversation about things and with one more important than you.


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