Remember Lamentations 3:25

I was raised on a farm about fifty miles from the city. We lived in a little farm house my Daddy rented from the man who also owned the only store in our town.

Mommy and Daddy took me to church every Sunday all day and then we went to bible study on Wednesday nights and in the summer I went to Bible school. I liked going here because they told good Bible stories and we also had nice snacks.

We were poor when I was little because Daddy had trouble finding or keeping steady work. When things were tough and we didn’t have enough food or rent money my Mommy would always say “The lord will take care of us Son. Remember what the Lord says. Remember Lamentations 3:25”.

On special days like my birthday or on the Baby Jesus’ birthday I didn’t get things like my classmates in school. Mommy said it was because we didn’t have extra money. Mommy would hug me though and whisper into my ear, “Lamentations 3:25 Son, remember this and everything will be Ok and the Lord will provide”.

I always had big dreams and I new when I grew up I was going to be the best worker in the best restaurant in the city. I would be happy and make a lot of money to help my Mommy out and maybe even I might get some new clothes and maybe a bicycle. Lamentations 3:25 I thought. I knew the Lord would take care of everything.

When I was sixteen I dropped out of high school after my Daddy died and went to Heaven. I quit school to go to the city and find a job and help my Mommy out with the bills. “Lamentations 3:25” I remembered my Mommy saying. “Everything will be alright”.

I got me my dream job as a waiter in this big restaurant in the city called Denny’s. They are open all night and I work overtime sometimes and send money to my Mommy when I can. I have been a waiter here for fifteen years now and work very hard to try to send some money to my Mommy. Hard as I work but I never could get ahead yet. I am remembering Lamentations 3:25 like Mommy says though.

The Boss here asked me if I wanted another job here as Assistant Manager. He says it is a promotion and he says it would pay more. I didn’t take it because I know what the Lord wants for me and I don’t want to take no chances.

One day soon I am going to have enough money to help Mommy more and maybe get me a few new things. These will come in the Lord’s time. Lamentations 3:25 my Mommy always says.


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