The home on Ocean Avenue

You know how they say nothing is constant except change? This is true but usually these changes sneak up on you. Like when all of a sudden you notice you have a pot belly and your pants are too tight, or all of a sudden you notice your lawn is orange because you forgot to turn on the automatic sprinkler system back on after the rainy season ended.

There is a home on Ocean Avenue in Emeryville that is quite interesting. Well it is interesting if you walk past it every day like I do. It might be irritating if you live next door. This home on Ocean Avenue is covered and surrounded with an eclectic patchwork of crap like you wouldn’t believe.

It has a roof that has been re-roofed with galvanized metal as if the owner is trying to keep out death rays from outer space. The front yard has a pit dug in it that is about four feet in diameter and six feet deep. If you look over the fence and down into the hole, you are met with a mirror as if the hole digger expected your nosiness. Some days the the hole is covered with broken boards and you can’t see inside, leaving you to guess at what type of nefarious or paranoid delusional business is going on down there.

Some days there is a hose running from some place on the property going across the sidewalk and dripping water into the street. You will see a stack of old books littering his sidewalk one day next to a broken lamp. Next day the lamp has been removed, there is a deflated football in its place and a bag of spilled garden clippings on the books.

Quite often though as you walk past the home you can sense a change has taken place but you can’t quite put your finger on it. It is a little like one of these ‘Where’s Waldo’ books where you know that goofy fellow is on the page but you can’t quite see him.

After walking past this home for the last couple of years and noticing or sensing the constant shifting and changing of items, I began to see of feel some type of indiscernible pattern

I know you won’t believe me, but I began to believe the owner might be some type of genius and that maybe every leaf and broken statue and bric a brac is exactly where he wants or possibly needs it to be. He has created a microcosm of the universe as he sees it played out at the home on Ocean Avenue.

One day as I began my walk, I found a shiny 2″ bolt discarded on the sidewalk. I devised a plan to either verify or debunk my beliefs about the owner of this home and his perfect universe. When I came upon his home, I discreetly placed this shiny bolt in the midst of what would look to the average pedestrian as junk and litter. If I was right, I knew this bolt would put the home owner’s universe out of balance and the bolt would be removed.

For several days the bolt stayed in place. After several days more it gradually became covered by leaves falling from the sidewalk trees. Then one day suddenly the bolt was gone and things strangely felt in order.

You should check it out






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