I am not afraid at the office


The office is quiet today. That is with the exception of the large overhead heating system that is ten eight feet above and in front of me. That damn thing turns on or off about every 22 minutes.

When it powers up it makes a larger than expected boom followed by a shudder and then a squeaking noise. The squeaking noise is similar to the sound a loose automobile fan belt makes if you are old enough to have heard that sound.

I have been sitting in this glorious office cube for three winters now and have yet to grow accustomed to that heating system roaring to life every 22 minutes or so. When it roars to life my heart jumps and shakes in fear as if I was in a trench on the Western front being awoken by an artillery barrage.

After a second or two I realize it is just the heater again. I chuckle to reassure myself that I wasn’t really frightened, and wonder for a moment if I will need to prewash my shorts before my wife does the laundry.


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