Act with your heart

It occurred to me that most of my memories are rather blurry pictures with feelings or emotions attached.

I was there at the time seeing with my eyes and analyzing with my brain but the memories were recorded within my heart’s mind.

I am going to give thinking and acting with my heart’s mind for a few days and see how it goes.

A dickhead gets into a hip nightclub.

So this guy, a real dickhead, was trying and trying night after night to get into a hip nightclub. He would wait in line outside the place but the doorman would never let him in. “Must be because he thinks I am a dickhead” the guy thought.

Finally after months of waiting in line outside the nightclub the doorman pointed at the dickhead and said what he had been hoping to hear night after night for months. The doorman pointed at him and said “You’re In! (sound it out)

Being homeless

When I was in my early twenties, I once curled up and slept on the ground outside the back of a restaurant. The town was Bend Oregon and I had hitchhiked there to visit my sister Dawn.
The weather was cold that night as it often is in Eastern Oregon in the five months on either end of Winter.
I had other sleeping options that night. I could have called my sister and stayed with her. I also had a few bucks in my pocket and might have found a hotel to negotiate a rate that I could afford.
I decided though that this night I would like to experience what it is like to be homeless. To get an understanding what it is to be destitute and to be in a position to bring myself up from nothing.
You see at some time in my teenaged years, I had become intrigued with the notion of wanting to know what it would be like to be a self made person. To start life and succeed with no family support or friends to give a helping hand. To pull myself up from my shoestrings and make a go at life. No helping hand from government, no easy ride from your parents.
Well I had a good sleep but now have some kind of understanding that being homeless is more of a state of mind than a state of being without a roof over your head. I know that I do have a family to fall back on. The tax payer will likely be there if worse comes to worse. I can always manage to get a few bucks in my pocket because i was taught a work ethic.
It would take not knowing these things to really know what it is like to have nothing and truly be homeless and to bring myself up from nothing – if that is possible.