I Need Love!

My recent conversation with the clerk at the local Love Store outlet.

” Hi. I will have three packs of The Look of Love and three of the Feeling of Love, four packs of I’m in Love please. Go ahead and throw in two cases of The Touch of Love and two cases of Falling in Love and two cases of Memories of Love. While you are at it sorry but can you add a box of Holding Hands with Love”

Hey I am sorry. I will just take everything you have on the shelf. I Need Love!”

Act with your heart

It occurred to me that most of my memories are rather blurry pictures with feelings or emotions attached.

I was there at the time seeing with my eyes and analyzing with my brain but the memories were recorded within my heart’s mind.

I am going to give thinking and acting with my heart’s mind for a few days and see how it goes.